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Anping Juguang Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


Anping Juguang Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Anping Juguang Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. Located in the well-known hometown of wire mesh and the old revolutionary area-Anping, Hebei. It has been approved by the Ministry of Construction as the third-level qualification of “General Contract for Railway Construction”, and has the “safety production permit” for construction and installation and the third-level qualification of steel structure. Architectural engineering construction and maintenance, highway greening, design and installation of traffic signs, and railway equipment.

Hebei Province as the province's quality standards qualified enterprises, the province recommended key protection of the enterprise. And through the ISO9001 quality system certification, for the AAA credit grade enterprises. Is a collection of research and development, production, sales of all kinds of metal guardrail mesh, glass fiber mesh cloth, drywall nails and other products, has formed a diversified products of construction engineering, large-scale transportation, construction engineering comprehensive enterprise.

Anping Juguang Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Advanced equipment

At present, our company has 12 sets of automatic CNC mesh welding machine, more than 10 sets of semi-automatic mesh welding machine, more than 20 sets of wire drawing equipment machine, more than 50 sets of straightening machine, more than 100 sets of erbao electric welding machine, and other production equipment complete, plastic spraying, plastic dipping line operation, high degree of production automation, advanced production technology, Long-term for the railway sector to provide high quality and qualified railway guardrail net and its accessories and construction services, and reach the monthly production of 20000 sets of protective net model.


Straightening Machine


Erbao Electric Welding Machine


Wire Drawing Equipment

My company's products can be widely used in highway, rail barrier network engineering, airports, municipal, prisons, ports, closed channel isolation protection engineering, large recreational activity, temporary facilities, and other fields, at the same time through innovative research and development company began production of glass fiber grid cloth, and in 2016 the latest increase dry wall screw production projects, meet the needs of the broad masses of customers at home and abroad.

At present, our company has a number of high-quality, professional engineering construction team. The company now has nearly 100 technical management staff, management and professional technical personnel account for more than half of the total number of employees. Our company in the development of high-end wire mesh fence, diversified product production of this market, constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, with a very short effective time, occupy the domestic and foreign high-end wire mesh fence market share of 30%, to achieve today's annual sales of nearly 80 million yuan.

Corporate Philosophy

In order to further consolidate the foundation of enterprise development and expand the space for enterprise development, the company will make efforts to optimize the enterprise structure and promote the sustainable and stable development of the enterprise. In construction business bigger and stronger at the same time, further broaden the business channel, extends the industrial chain, to "walk out of the industry, to the national and abroad, the development strategy of seeking cross-industry, cross-regional development opportunities", enhance the risk resistance ability of the enterprise and the core competitiveness, efforts to achieve the industrial structure upgrade, the development pattern of business model optimization. We will "face the challenge honestly and promise tomorrow with our heart" while striving to create economic benefits for enterprises, we will make better returns to the society and benefit the people.

Today's Anping focusing people, as always, adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit before, the introduction and use of modern management mode, to meet the needs of different customers, and strive to make Anping focusing as soon as possible into a well-known brand in the screen industry!

Wire mesh fence





It was rated as a qualified enterprise in Hebei Province by Hebei Province, and it is recommended to be a key protected enterprise.

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